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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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[ Jesse squeezes at the back of his neck while Wade examines his present. This is the longest thirty-or-so seconds of his Haven career. Life. Whatever you wanna call it. He does look Wade in the eye when the question comes, without lifting his head. ]

Didn't take too long. Couple 'a weeks. Not like my schedule's jam-packed, so...

[ Play it cool. Wait for the verdict. ]
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[ The nicest thing? Jesse wasn't prepared to hear that. It's not like he thought Wade would shove it in his face or anything (he'd like to think he knows the guy better than that by now), but the nicest thing? Spoken as genuinely as that? He clears his throat. He can sense warmth gathering underneath the hand at his neck and looks down, pointedly. ]

Ah, nah, it's not really-- [ An awkward little laugh. ] I just, uh, wanted to. Hey, it's not like I can drop by the mall, right?

[ He runs his fingers through his hair once before dropping his arm back to his side and lifting his chin to face him. ]

C'mon. You're like, my best bro here. I had to do something.

[ And that doesn't quite cover it either (Jesse's actually not sure he's ever had a friend this dependable) but he's officially out of words, or simply unable to find the right ones. He chews on his lip and works on calming his nerves. Wade likes it, okay, dipshit, it went fine.

... the nicest thing??? ]
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[ Well, he's not sure it counts if Haven honed the craft for him, but if he can get some use out of it--

Shit, Jesse feels his embarrassment spike into danger zone levels when Wade starts gushing over the thing. A goddamn Rembrandt? What the fuck? Has anyone ever given him a compliment of that caliber before? He's pretty sure not. He swallows a weird lump in his throat and works hard to find his voice. ]

It's not that good, [ he counters, and he sounds amused too, out of disbelief. ] But hey, what a freakin' relief. I was going crazy trying to figure out what to do.

[ Okay, slowly regaining control. Good. Jesse takes a brave step forward and wears a smile that grows brighter the more genuine he allows himself to be, reaching over to give Wade an affectionate squeeze on the arm. ]

You really like it, huh?

[ Thank god. ]
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Pft, Jesus-- [ It didn't hurt, of course, he's just overreacting to being called a friggin praise-whore more than anything. Okay, that was funny. ] You can be such a--

[ No chance to finish his return mock-insult. Jesse steps into the hug and hides a stupid grin against Wade's shoulder. An awesome birthday present. Hells yeah. Nailed it. He squeezes both arms around him and lets himself enjoy one of those rare moments, real belief in a job well done.

And it's such a simple, legitimate thing. A birthday gift for his friend. And he actually gave it to its intended recipient. And Wade likes it. ]

Heh. You gonna tell me how old you are now?

[ Oop. Kind of a teasing question, since it's been something of a mystery. ]
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What am I, a boy scout? Screw the golden rules. I wanna--

[ He wants to know! Jesse's unaware of any discomfort on Wade's part. He doesn't know what to think anymore, with all the "kiddos" and that bit about "back in the 60's", but then again Wade doesn't sound like an ancient geezer. Nor does he act like one.

Case in point: argh, a noogie. It works to distract him from insisting on an answer. He pushes at Wade's arms from underneath, protesting the treatment. ]

Hey, hey, cut it out, yo.
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[ Don't make him bust out his karate moves on you. With an exasperated noise, he squirms against the headlock to turn and face the other way. ]

You bitch, [ switching tactics, he tries to elbow Wade in the ribs. Not a whole lot of oomph to it and some laughter hidden in his deep voice. ] I'll mess you up, is what.

[ Hard to believe they are both full grown adults. ]
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[ Even worse than scalp burn is the burn of having his insult thrown back at him. Twice. Jesse grunts disapprovingly and reaches up to make a grab for the offending wrist. ]

Oh, hell no. You're gonna regret that. [ He has the strength of a kitten compared to this tank, he is unfortunately aware. But he's still trying!! ] I know where you live. Bitch.

[ Yeah. Uh huh. Where I live. ]
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[ Not going to let him save face today, huh? Wade continues mocking him outright and Jesse considers aiming a kick to his legs for that alone. ]

Motherfucking, cocksucker-- [ Hallelujah, his filthy mouth is soon corked by muffled laughter. ] No, hey, don't--

[ Well, there goes every flimsy attempt to protect his pride. Yet it's hard for him to quit, even as he resorts to trying to squeeze his head free to escape. ]

You know, I'm only going easy on you 'cause it's your birthday.
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[ Any retorts he has left are drowned by a bout of helpless chuckling-- so very not thug. Thankfully, Wade shows mercy and finally lets him go. As soon as he's able, he rubs at his ribs as if to erase those persistent tingling sensations.

Also not thug. ]

Prick, [ huffed in response, trying his damned best to sound miffed. It doesn't really work. A cuff against his cheek and the warmth behind the exchanged insults has him grinning again. He pokes the guy in the chest and warns: ] See if I ever make you anything again.

[ An empty threat like all the rest. Lesson learned: only ask Wade about his age if in the mood for harassment. He must be fucking older than he seems. ]

Puttin' a gift horse in a headlock, that's what they call that.
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Wow, you are so, like, generous. Don't strain yourself, 'kay?

[ He nudges Wade's hand away, affectionately, a beat much too late. ]

Who says I'm that dependent on your praise? Jesus. [ laugh ] What a conclusion to leap to, just 'cause I gave you a box.

[ But despite all that big talk he is already trailing to the kitchen, hungry for Wade's cooking... it's really good, okay. ]