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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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Dunno. I still think you're pretty handsome, goin' off my own human standards.

[ And that might've been a bit too obvious-- Travis takes the subject change in as much stride as he can.]

Hang on: nightmares? [Travis frowns, trying to pick out any hints in Wade's expression.] You didn't mention anything about those.
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[Except that was probably the most honest statement he's made all morning. His mind is far from that, however, fixing instead on the nightmares. His voice is level, careful, when he responds.]

These weren't normal nightmares, Wade.

[a beat. Wade's unreadable, but he knows enough to know that he's not telling the truth.]

Are you sure? 'Cause if they were anything like mine... that's something that I'd wanna know.
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[Travis trails off, bowing his head to massage his temples: like he's trying to coax the memories out again.]

I was... seeing weird things, too, like what's been in my dreams the last few nights. The day before I passed out I got-- heh, I got really drunk the night before, 'cause this chick at the bar talked me into chugging down half the freakin' bar, so I don't remember much. Maybe that's what messed me up. But the day of, I was walking down the street, and I was pretty nervous about something, maybe.

[Again, it's all factual and correct in his mind... but explaining it sounds somehow wrong.]

There was this... [He raises his head once more.] This sense of doom, running down my spine. I remember that clearly-- like something was out to get me.

And then I woke up at home the morning after. There was a Yao nurse who explained it all to me, real nice. That was what happened, right?
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No, that's-- I'd remember something like that, Wade. That can't be right...

[But he knows Wade, and as dangerous-- possibly rebellious-- as this talk sounds... he trusts him. About as much as Bishop, if not more. (And, of course, Bishop hasn't heard a word of this: it seems wrong, almost, like it's somehow less okay to involve him in this mess than to involve Wade and Jesse. At least they'd know what they were getting into.)

He's quiet, hands limp at his sides.

It must've happened if you saw it, though. I didn't do anything, though-- I'm not a rebel. Sure, I skipped out on my vitamins for a couple days, but... [Travis turns his eyes to Wade, eyes wide and pleading: Wade has to have more answers than he does. He always knows what to say, after all.]


What the hell did they do to me?
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[It's not funny at all. Wade, of all people, shouldn't have to deal with anything close to the same bullshit that Travis has, and yet... he could almost laugh.] Fuck. We are one hell of a pair. [Instead, he quietly tells Wade the rest of the story.]

I remember living somewhere before Haven. Way, way back, this shitty room, this miserable city... and somewhere else after that, fifty times worse. There was hardly any food, shelter wasn't always there, and all this awful shit kept happening-- so many people dying. Kids, even. I kept telling myself I was daydreaming, or just had a really sick imagination... but I know now. These are memories.

[Travis stares down into his empty palms again.]

I feel like I shouldn't be here. [He gestures around at their general surroundings.] Like all of this is wrong. It's like something deeper is here, and I've buried it: something deeper than what I can sense. A-and I can't help thinking that maybe Yao doesn't always want the best for us.

[Treason. Punishable by death. If he's a rebel, then at least Wade must be too, and that's enough for him. He casts his eyes upon Wade once more.]

Wade, I think something's going on here.
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I don't know. I wish I did.

[Travis swallows the hard lump in his throat, his focus on Wade the only thing about him unwavering now. He's... actually listening to him, which he hadn't realized was going to be surprising until it was.]

Listen... I don't know why I told you all of this, or if all of this is stuff that we're-- you know, not supposed to know.

If you wanna pretend you never heard any of the stuff I just told you, I won't blame you. And I wouldn't ever spill anything you just told me. I'd let 'em take me out first.
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[He was afraid that he would say that-- the idea of Wade being tortured, tortured for his sake, makes his skin crawl-- and yet Wade's good faith emboldens him. It's not exactly an easy feat, to throw your entire life and good standing in the eyes of Yao into the fire, but Wade... he hasn't even thought twice about it.

He's essentially offered to go against the whole damn world for him.

Travis feels heat prickling on his cheeks. It's probably one of the highest compliments that he's ever received.

I believe you. [As unbelievable as what he's just promised sounds.] Dunno what spectacular good deeds I did in my last life to deserve that much, but I believe you. And it goes without saying that your secrets're safe with me too.
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[Travis tries to smile, but he's fidgeting a little: Wade's words mean a lot, but all of these kind words all at the same time are more than he's used to hearing.

Wade's so frank about it all. Hell, he didn't really know that all of these things he'd done-- all things he didn't think twice about, either, just did because Wade was a friend and shouldn't have had to be alone-- really mattered that much. Funny, how the things he hadn't overtly pushed for, trying to prove himself to the world, to Yao, to anyone who'd look, didn't even matter in the end.

All right, all right, quit buttering me up already.

[An act meant to diffuse all of those compliments. There's a pause, and Travis adds--] ...You're my best friend too, you know? I'd have to be a real piece of shit to not be there for you.

Don't know what I'd do without you, Wade.