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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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[It's this reaction that relieves March more than anything. It's clear that he's serious about this. Jessica picked a very good defender--and it's such a relief.

But it's impossible to be too happy, with the weight of this knowledge on them. So March's expression is quite solemn as well, even as the protag sighs.]

I believe so--but I can't be certain. The call was...difficult to hear. She requested that I contact you, as she said that her phone was taken from her.

[And then a deep breath, and the part that clearly concerns March--]

She said that she was coming on Wednesday. I am certain of it. And... I cannot let anything happen to her. [Honestly...March would almost be happier if she didn't come. If it meant she stayed safe. Much as it's easy to miss Jessica's adorable smile-- this can't be safe.]
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[and just like that, March's rather serious veneer cracks a bit.]


['s been a little stressful, okay.]

I'm sorry, I-- Um. Yes. [deep breath, March.] I...didn't catch the full name. Do you know of anyone whose name begins with "Ste"...?
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[...That doesn't sound good at all. It gets a solemn look in response, though for now, March leaves it be.

Jessica is more important. That much is true.]

Yes. Next week, I presume, though I cannot be certain. [And then March looks vaguely guilty.]

She did ask us to meet her somewhere, but I...don't know where it is. [and, a quiet murmur, clearly recalled from memory:] "Meet at bar"-- and then it cut out.
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[Thank goodness somebody here has a brain. March blinks for a moment, before smiling faintly in relief.]

Ah, of course! That way, nobody else will be able to get there first.

[after's obvious what people like Gyobu and Junko will do at this point.]

...That was all she said--aside from not letting the bad guys get her. Which we won't! ...We can't.
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[Honestly, it's a huge relief even just to see that determination. That will to protect Jessica. This man--he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

(The problem is that March had tried the exact same, the last time, and Hyobu had still won.)]

...Should we tell anyone else? You're...the only one I've contacted about this. [March clearly tried to keep this as secretive as possible, to keep it from the likes of Hyobu and Junko, but...if they aren't enough, just them two, to protect Jessica, March will never be able to live with it.]
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[People who are trustworthy. Minato? Sharon? Ciel? Jonathan.

...But he makes a good point there as well--people who might get hurt. ...It's too much responsibility. Not with Jessica's life in the balance, not when the girl had sent her that message because she trusted that March would do the right thing. It's a miserable realization.]

There...are people I would trust with my life here.


But not hers.

[Because there are some things that are even more valuable. And they might get hurt. many variables--but so, March simply nods. If it's only them...perhaps Hyobu and Junko won't even know.]
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[It makes sense.

March takes a deep breath, considering that, before nodding slowly.]

Of course. I'm...pretty fast. And strong. [possessed by a demon, it helps. But that's not really what the protaf considers to be true skills, as is pretty apparent, as March holds up a hand.] But this is truly what I can do.

[And as March lifts that hand, a thorny vine, thick and covered in sharp, gleaming thorns, appears from the ground. It follows the movement of March's hand, and disappears when the Ill Hunter snaps a wrist. Of course, that's just a quiet, muted demonstration, but--thorny vines, yeah.]
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[Ah... that's quite the lot of information. March pauses to take that all in, nodding quietly. It's clearly a relief, though, at the look on the protag's face.]

...Thank goodness. I'm...more powerless than I would like to be against him. [It's a bit sobering to realize it, too. March is used to being one of the more powerful shounen protags in the room, after all.

and then he gets a smile, because, well--]

Ah, she truly couldn't have chosen a better hero. I'm so glad. [Jessica will be okay, with this man here protecting her. March is sure of it.]
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[That much March can understand. It's easy to miss Jessica, as she was such a sweet, thoughtful girl. Seeing her smile made the horror of Haven fade away--but it wasn't worth it. Not if it meant that she was going to be harmed.

So March grimaces, nodding slowly.]

I know... I don't know why she's coming back. But so long as she decides to do so...well, I'm glad I won't be fighting those fights alone.

[Because it's just a given that March would fight them regardless.

And the protag takes a slow, deep breath.]

That...was all I had to say. I take it you know where in the barrier we should look for her?
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[...Honestly, March can't help but be curious too. There's so much beyond the barrier. And...]

If we could only get there, and see...perhaps we could help her. What she does is so dangerous.

[As a rebel, as a young girl...and if only they could just get through this damn barrier--]

But she remains so brave through all of it. So perhaps someday, we truly will get that opportunity to repay her.
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Stefan, huh...

[That gets a thoughtful look, but ultimately, March just nods. This protag's not one for genre savviness, and honestly, the heavy duty thinking has never really been a forte of Ill Hunters in general--so this is something March is willing to follow his lead on.]

If there is every anything I can do to assist, please let me know, sir. There isn't...much I can do here, so much of the time. [But March wants to.]
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[Sadly, ideas in general are not March's forte--but at that, the Ill Hunter nods eagerly.]

Of course, sir-- Ah, my apologies! My name is March.

You may always contact me whenever. I promise I will come. [For Jessica, obviously, but for him too, since he's important to her.]
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[And March will take that hand for that handshake, nodding firmly.]

It's a pleasure to meet you as well. And ah...well, I suppose we can hope.

[From the sounds of things, March doesn't really believe it either.]

But for now, I suppose I will leave you to prepare. Thank you for listening to me.

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