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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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[She narrows her eyes in response to his tone. It's the only sign of displeasure she'll give. He's entitled to feel offended by Abel's secrecy, but she doesn't have to like it.]

Noelle is not someone mentioned lightly by either Abel or myself. She was our ally and friend when I was little more than the unwanted child who fought her way to true power.

[She relaxes and adds casually.] I think the story of her relationship with Abel might benefit you if you're willing to hear it.
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Noelle was witch with a harmless, but infinitely useful power to read the emotions of others. She was charming, passionate, and intelligent; a few years than I am now.

[She smiles painfully at the memory of her.] Initially, she worked very well with the rest of us especially Abel. Like many women, she grew to be quite fond of him. [Her gaze lingers on Wade again in case he missed the implication of that.]

A couple of years into her service she suddenly quit. I let her go quietly to live out her days in a monastery out of respect for her contributions. Unfortunately, I was forced to call her back to work with Abel one last time after an incident with a certain man left myself and Father Tres injured-- more so with him than myself.

Noelle returned faithfully and was able to uncover key parts of what that man had planned, but by calling her back, I put her in the middle of an incredibly dangerous situation. While I wasn't present for what followed and Abel's report was shaky at best, this is what I gathered happened: he already planned to destroy the city of Barcelona that Noelle was conducting her investigation in, but he made sure Abel had the opportunity to be made aware of the fact Noelle was dying while it happened. Abel blamed himself for being unable to save her and the city. He ran away and quit AX shortly afterward.

It took time and the threat of Rome suffering the same fate to get him return. He never forgave himself for it. To this day, he only mentions her when we run into that man.

[There's a deliberate pause before she asks too innocently.] Now tell me Wade what does that make you think of Abel?
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[She shakes her head, a little amazed by his stubbornness.] You feel so guilty over what happened I can't help being reminded of Abel. You even use excuses he would.

Do you think truly bad men feel bad for their mistakes? I can assure you that's not true. The one who brought so much suffering down on us did not. I know you're nothing like him.
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[Caterina would like to argue, but she can't actually know either way. She is reminded of the hospital suddenly; she didn't think she could understand him then. Was her initial judgment right or was he like Abel letting his grief and guilt get the better of him?]

Did you really do something that can compare to that? Was there really ever a time that kind of evil was standard fare for you? You shouldn't say something like that unless you truly mean it.

[She states icily. There is a great divide between guilt over past wrongs and what the Magician had done to her world and its most vulnerable citizens. Caterina takes it very seriously.]
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I doubt you're the only one here who can claim that. [Caterina is well aware of her misdeeds; they are always troubling her mind. As far as she's concerned, she's likely the most despicable person in the room right now.]

I don't mind skeletons so long as I don't have to worry about that level of trouble. I won't ask unless it becomes necessary.
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[Caterina doesn't argue the point. Her robot would likely hurt or kick Wade to the curb if he knew half of what had happened. She's both resigned and faintly amused by the way this is going. She worried so much over finding a way to settle her debt while her bodyguard struggled with his guilt over what happened at the hospital. She really was out of touch, wasn't she?]

Father Tres is always harsh when people don't meet his standards. If it helps any, even I have trouble keeping up with them.

[Though her suicidal judgment calls just get ignored and/or worked around versus having something like that happen.]

I suppose it's safe to say you won't be getting anything from me today. I wonder now if it's a bad time to call in your debt to me? You never did supply that inconvenience fee.
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When I mentioned it, I believe it went something along the lines of receiving all the alcohol in your room. [Caterina rattles off casually.]

I could be convinced to accept something else. [It's almost like she has something in mind already and is purposely teasing him. A duchess is totally above that kind of childish behavior.]
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[Caterina smiles wickedly. Wade might start to understand why Abel made jokes about his 'demon' boss. There are times she really seems to enjoy her employees suffering. Or she's just getting back at her best friend for acting like an idiot.]

Your work, of course. Isn't that fulfilling enough for you?
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[She leans forward, her tone deceptively innocent.] Anything, hm? I'm listening.
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[Caterina bites down on her lip to keep from laughing. She's having more fun than she should be given their earlier conversation.]

So you did, but how can I be sure you'll come through? I am difficult woman to please.
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[Even Caterina can't miss the implication, but there's no way she's going to let him get under her skin again. She answers coolly.]

I'm afraid no one has spoken for you. Your actions will have to speak for themselves otherwise...

[She'll let that threat hang.]
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[Caterina waves one of her hands casually in front of her.] Oh nothing that cruel. I'll ask for what you owe me and that will be it. No harm done.
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I already perform enough for Brother Petros. Besides, when did I say this was meant to be enjoyed?

[She laughs softly.] Really you're no fun to threaten if you're going to like whatever I do to you.

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