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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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I think I'm good for now, and I better get back or Brother is going to wonder where I am. And after... what happened... he's not the most calm when I'm not around.

[He's trusting Deadpool with that little insight into Ed, believing he won't use it to tease his brother with how sensitive it was. He doesn't hang around any more, though, immediately getting up and heading for the door.]
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[Al knew that was exactly what Ed would do. He might be angry with himself for a short time, but he would always end up directing that rage into determination to do better and get out of here.

It's one of the things he loves the most about him.

He pauses at the door to look back at his friend, heart warmed that he would try so hard with his brother just for his sake. But he can't help but laugh at his last little instruction.]

Mm, I'll tell him.

[He raises a hand once more in farewell and slips out the door, feeling much more at peace than when he arrived.]