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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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Hit a home run, actually.

[ It takes a lot of courage but she raises her chin to meet his gaze. Behind her eyes, there's mostly just fear. Shame. Regret. The woman takes a shaky breath and exhales slowly. ]

After - After what I did to you, I told you. I was scared. I couldn't - I couldn't stop thinking about what if it hadn't been you, what if you weren't here. That would be another dead person and probably more to come. I just... I had to stop and I was desperate enough to try any option I could. Only I had. Except for one. Yao.

[ She bites her bottom lip hard and wills herself to continue. ]

The deal went South though. Obviously. I had to learn the hard way you don't back out when it comes to them.
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[ Mm. She appreciates the try at humor but it falls a little flat at the moment. His touch lingering on her arm makes her just a little uneasy but she doesn't comment on it. ]

I - Probably. The person who did them was kind of freaked out, so. [ She trusts that Peter did a well enough job but also knows he was kind of wreck while trying to wrap her up. Understandably. ]
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no worries! <3

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Don't think he's been around the block as many time as we have. [ Not yet, anyway.

Not ever, she hopes.

Rose gives a curt nod at his warning; she still lets out a little noise of discomfort as the bandages are stripped away slowly. What's underneath is... Well, it's disgusting to say the least. The most notable thing is what an unclean cut it was; the wound is red, raw, and jagged like it was purposefully cut off as slowly and painfully as possible. In actuality, that isn't far from the truth.

Sorry. I know it's bad.

[ Yeah, that would be Rose apologizing for having her hand sawed off. ]
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[ It isn't much of a surprise that Wade is familiar with this sort of thing. From what she knows, he would be the sort to know how to dress a wound or two. ]

I just - After what I did to you, I didn't... I couldn't do it again.

[ They'd talked about this, she knows, but turns out it was eating her more than she'd let on. That's kind of thing with Rose though as most know by now. It's always half-truths and only the tip of the iceberg with her. ]
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[ Even though he had, Rose has a tendency of her thoughts becoming truth. Despite his reassurance, her mind had supplied what was 'real' and that was that all of this was her fault.

Even now she has trouble thinking it's not.

... No. [ She knows that he knows he hasn't but she's interested regardless. Rose, more than anyone, understands the importance of opening up and how difficult that can be. ]