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Wade Wilson (Deadpool) ([personal profile] ishotyouuu) wrote2009-07-18 03:22 am
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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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I try not to. [ He's about as good at it as he is at being open to people though. He might seem open enough, but he doesn't like getting to know people on a deeper level, and likes it even less when people know too much about him. ] Drinking only helps that some of the time for me.

As much as you'll let me have, I suppose.
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Some times I've got to try not to care, don't I?

[ Though to most it might seems like he never cares, he knows that. But he likes it that way. And he's not one to turn down drinks when offered, so he downs the contents of his glass in one go. That really was some strong stuff indeed. ]

Wow, it's been a while since I had something like this.

[ The booze he stole from that claws guy didn't work nearly as good. ]