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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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1/8; after jo's post

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[ Coming home had been something Rose had mulled over more than once in the past few days. The talk she had with Newt about seeing a healer hadn't been carried about in the most... orthodox way, but. Her hand ( or what was left it, anyway ) had been properly disinfected and bandaged at least. The discoloration around her neck was beginning to green and fade so hopefully that would lessen the shock factor.

Still, the thought of telling everyone - especially Wade - causes fear to well up in her chest like water; she can't breathe, she can't think straight. Then, somehow, she finds herself even farther away from where she needs to be. Avoiding this vehemently, albeit unconsciously, isn't her intention and yet... She is.

At least until Jo broadcasts her message. Rose doesn't speak up but she listens, watches the conversations in response. She gets the calls after the fact reassuring her that it'll be alright. It helps give her a little hope, at least, that she isn't the monster she makes herself out to be. That she's getting better despite the mistakes she'd made in the past. That those mistakes, as Beast Boy said, don't make up all she is. And of course she wouldn't be anywhere near where she is now without Wade.
He needs to know.

So, it's in the early hours of the morning that she finally slinks her way back to house one and immediately seeks him out. The woman is a little frayed around the edges, generally unkempt, and looks like she hasn't slept in days ( she hasn't ) but she's here. It took more courage than he knows just to manage that much.

Now comes the really difficult part. Her hands are shoved into the front pocket of the jacket she's been using to hide herself in.

Hey. Sorry I've been MIA for the past few days.
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Kind of easy to do when you don't sleep.

[ It's said with a joking edge to it but the sincerity that tinges the statement kind of makes it fall flat. It's obvious from the circles under her eyes and slump to her shoulders that she hasn't slept any in recent days.

Rose, unfortunately, does know that look. It makes her shrink a little further unto herself - which scarcely seemed possible - and stand there awkwardly, choosing her words carefully.

I just.. had a weird panicky episode, I guess. But I'm back now. Won't be running off again anytime soon. You can even ground me if you want. I totally deserve that at least.
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... Fair enough.

[ Though her daddy issues are aplenty, he's right. No reasons to compound it with everything else they have going on.

At his inquiry, she gives a huff of frustration. Dammit, Newt.

After. [ It's all she says before pulling her hands -- er, hand -- out her pocket and letting her arms rest at her side. He can plainly see where her right hand should be but isn't. ]
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Nah, just - It's still a little sensitive and all.

[ The wound is, obviously, freshly healed. It's impressive that it's healed as well as it is but... her physiology allows for that. Not as well as Wade's does, of course, but still. ]

Thanks for. Not freaking out.

[ Peter kind of had. As much as she appreciated his help, things had felt a little tense. ]
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[ Rose is careful to keep an impassive expression. Looking at where her hand used to be still makes her nauseous, angry, wanna' cry, and just about everything in-between. Thanks to her whole hermit routine though she's had quite a lot of time to reflect. She's come to her own conclusions about why this happened and, like always, has found a way to deem it her own fault. Which, truthfully, it partly is.

She knows he's probably looking for a name, someone in Haven to blame for this but... The next part comes out hesitantly; she feels her throat grow tight and mouth dry up and it threatens to leave her unable to speak.

It was Yao. [ The blond does her best to keep her voice steady but her gaze is averted to her shoes. He'll likely know what it means that she had contact with Yao... and she knows he'll be angry. Or worse. Disappointed. ] Some... little girl in a garden. Didn't catch her name.
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Hit a home run, actually.

[ It takes a lot of courage but she raises her chin to meet his gaze. Behind her eyes, there's mostly just fear. Shame. Regret. The woman takes a shaky breath and exhales slowly. ]

After - After what I did to you, I told you. I was scared. I couldn't - I couldn't stop thinking about what if it hadn't been you, what if you weren't here. That would be another dead person and probably more to come. I just... I had to stop and I was desperate enough to try any option I could. Only I had. Except for one. Yao.

[ She bites her bottom lip hard and wills herself to continue. ]

The deal went South though. Obviously. I had to learn the hard way you don't back out when it comes to them.
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[ Mm. She appreciates the try at humor but it falls a little flat at the moment. His touch lingering on her arm makes her just a little uneasy but she doesn't comment on it. ]

I - Probably. The person who did them was kind of freaked out, so. [ She trusts that Peter did a well enough job but also knows he was kind of wreck while trying to wrap her up. Understandably. ]
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no worries! <3

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Don't think he's been around the block as many time as we have. [ Not yet, anyway.

Not ever, she hopes.

Rose gives a curt nod at his warning; she still lets out a little noise of discomfort as the bandages are stripped away slowly. What's underneath is... Well, it's disgusting to say the least. The most notable thing is what an unclean cut it was; the wound is red, raw, and jagged like it was purposefully cut off as slowly and painfully as possible. In actuality, that isn't far from the truth.

Sorry. I know it's bad.

[ Yeah, that would be Rose apologizing for having her hand sawed off. ]
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[ It isn't much of a surprise that Wade is familiar with this sort of thing. From what she knows, he would be the sort to know how to dress a wound or two. ]

I just - After what I did to you, I didn't... I couldn't do it again.

[ They'd talked about this, she knows, but turns out it was eating her more than she'd let on. That's kind of thing with Rose though as most know by now. It's always half-truths and only the tip of the iceberg with her. ]
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[ Even though he had, Rose has a tendency of her thoughts becoming truth. Despite his reassurance, her mind had supplied what was 'real' and that was that all of this was her fault.

Even now she has trouble thinking it's not.

... No. [ She knows that he knows he hasn't but she's interested regardless. Rose, more than anyone, understands the importance of opening up and how difficult that can be. ]