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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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He has no reason to attack the man, of course; that'd be folly. Anyone who'd survived Haven for two years couldn't be anyone ordinary. Extraordinary may be precisely what he's looking for. Simple altruism is all it is.

A little kindness does certainly go a long way.

Apartment thirty-seven; whenever you're able. I'm only just beginning dinner preparations, but I couldn't refuse your help if you got here early.
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The pleasure is all mine.

[Bond villain? Gus? haaaahahahah wherever did you get that idea, wade...

With the invitation offered, however, it's time for Gus to return to his stew. It's the simplest of the simple: tomato-based, an unfortunate lack of spices, and the most hearty vegetables that he could find cans of, but since it's Gus... it's fairly good for what it is. His door's locked-- he'd like to welcome Wade to his apartment personally-- but he'll come straight to the door if Wade knocks on it instead.
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