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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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[Oh, thank God. He's okay. There's no reason why he shouldn't be-- completely fucking ridiculous, he knows they've both lived safely in Haven their entire lives, why would anything have been different?-- and yet it is an enormous relief to hear Wade's voice on the other line.]

Hey, Wade. [His voice is bright. He tries to make it so, anyway, even if it's wavering a little.] I, uh...

[Travis steadies himself with a deep breath.]

You busy right now? Feel like coming over...?

[He hopes fervently that Wade will say yes.]
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Get back?

[He doesn't remember the retraining, and he doesn't remember the murder: even without effective vitamins there's no way Yao's brainwashing would've made something like that easy to recall. If anything, he knows he's missing something.]

Yeah. I had that scare a few days ago where I passed out on the street, but they let me go after a few hours... [Travis trails off. That doesn't sound right, even if he knows that it is. Or he thinks he knows.]

That's-- that's not why I called you, though. Um. Did I wake you or anything? Sorry.
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Yeah, I'm at home.

[He pauses, uncertain of what else to add. Maybe he should've left it be: he's trying his damnedest to forget that he might be going insane, why involve Wade and make it a bigger deal than it needs to be?

It'd just been a bad dream.

I'll see you in a bit.
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[It's clear from the second his face peeks through the sliver between door and doorframe:

Travis looks absolutely terrible.

It's possible that he hasn't slept much-- in fact, entirely probable, if the dark circles set into his face mean anything. He hasn't even put in the effort to do anything to his hair before inviting somebody over. Still, he welcomes Wade inside with a thin, feeble smile (he looks wan, tired, but it fades the slightest bit when he sees Wade), gesturing him inside and shutting the door tight behind the two of them.

That was fast.

[It's funny how much better he feels with Wade's presence alone. He stares up at him, as if drinking in the solid evincible fact that he's alive, before speaking again.]

Sorry, it's kind of a mess around here.
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[Travis laughs hollowly, sinking into the sofa beside Wade (and unceremoniously pushing a stack of comics and DVDs aside in the process).]

Thanks. [It's nice to hear; he's too grateful for Wade's words to let any of his own creeping embarrassment ruin it.]

I dunno. Ever since I wound up in the hospital, I've been feeling... [Travis trails off. How does he explain this without sounding completely crazy? He clears his throat, begins again.] Off. I guess. I mean, I'm not sick, I take my vitamins like everybody else, but--

[but what?]

I keep-- I keep seeing things. Scary shit that could never happen. [He slumps backward against the couch.] And I've been trying to blow it off, 'cause it shouldn't bother me, just a bunch of weird nightmares, but... I can't help feeling like it's all trying to tell me something.

Or maybe I'm just going nuts. Crazy, right? [He laughs weakly. It's a false, high sound.]
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[Travis doesn't lift his head; doesn't turn to face Wade. It's too difficult to look him in the eye (he saw Wade's eyes when he died, saw the emptiness in them, feels his skin prickle in a creeping sense of foreboding).

His voice comes out hoarser than he intends.

I saw you die.

[His fingers twitch, as if itching to fill the empty space in his palm: a fistful of couch cushion, the hilt of a sword (irrational, he's never held a sword in his life, but he craves it now), even Wade's hand would do.]

I think you died saving my life.
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[That finally gets him to turn, and there's a panic in his eyes as the words flow from his lips.

But it was different, Wade, seeing you like that. It wasn't a gun. Something got you, some kind of weirdass dream monster, I don't know, and-- [And there was so much blood, that empty stare, his own hand closing the glassy eyes forever.

In the fervor of this admission he hasn't even realized that he's been leaning forward, hand on Wade's knee. He pulls it away quickly.

Freaked me out a lot, you know? I, uh... I just needed to see you were okay for myself, with my own eyes. As dumb as that sounds.
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[Wade's hand is warm and broad and real on his shoulder. His worries don't dissipate entirely, and yet... how's he supposed to stay so nervous when Wade is here, alive and well, promising this much to him?

And how the hell does he always know just what to say?

Yeah... yeah. I don't know why I was so worried about it.

[It's like something has rolled over inside his chest, and it's all he can do to shove it down. Travis hones in on Wade's smile for two seconds too long, gnawing the inside of his own lower lip. A very stupid thought, a reckless, rash thought, crosses his mind and he opens his mouth, or perhaps parts his lips.

No... not here, and not now. He grins, lopsided, instead.

Man. I really don't know why I was so worried. How'd you do that?
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Hey-- c'mon-- [Travis chuckles, rubbing at his nose.] Yeah, yeah. One funny-lookin' roach, if you ask me.

Hope I didn't wake you up too early, either. You sounded kinda half-asleep on the phone.
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Dunno. I still think you're pretty handsome, goin' off my own human standards.

[ And that might've been a bit too obvious-- Travis takes the subject change in as much stride as he can.]

Hang on: nightmares? [Travis frowns, trying to pick out any hints in Wade's expression.] You didn't mention anything about those.
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[Except that was probably the most honest statement he's made all morning. His mind is far from that, however, fixing instead on the nightmares. His voice is level, careful, when he responds.]

These weren't normal nightmares, Wade.

[a beat. Wade's unreadable, but he knows enough to know that he's not telling the truth.]

Are you sure? 'Cause if they were anything like mine... that's something that I'd wanna know.
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[Travis trails off, bowing his head to massage his temples: like he's trying to coax the memories out again.]

I was... seeing weird things, too, like what's been in my dreams the last few nights. The day before I passed out I got-- heh, I got really drunk the night before, 'cause this chick at the bar talked me into chugging down half the freakin' bar, so I don't remember much. Maybe that's what messed me up. But the day of, I was walking down the street, and I was pretty nervous about something, maybe.

[Again, it's all factual and correct in his mind... but explaining it sounds somehow wrong.]

There was this... [He raises his head once more.] This sense of doom, running down my spine. I remember that clearly-- like something was out to get me.

And then I woke up at home the morning after. There was a Yao nurse who explained it all to me, real nice. That was what happened, right?
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No, that's-- I'd remember something like that, Wade. That can't be right...

[But he knows Wade, and as dangerous-- possibly rebellious-- as this talk sounds... he trusts him. About as much as Bishop, if not more. (And, of course, Bishop hasn't heard a word of this: it seems wrong, almost, like it's somehow less okay to involve him in this mess than to involve Wade and Jesse. At least they'd know what they were getting into.)

He's quiet, hands limp at his sides.

It must've happened if you saw it, though. I didn't do anything, though-- I'm not a rebel. Sure, I skipped out on my vitamins for a couple days, but... [Travis turns his eyes to Wade, eyes wide and pleading: Wade has to have more answers than he does. He always knows what to say, after all.]


What the hell did they do to me?

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