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IC Inbox - [community profile] havenrpg

Heyyy, what's happenin'? You've reached the voicemail of one very fine-lookin' man. Wanna chat? Fanboy all over my mad skillz? Declare your undying love for me? You know what to do. [BEEEEP]
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All right. Hello, Wade, hello for the second or third or fourth time that we have come face to face.

[He sits on the couch next to Wade. There is a small frostiness between them, a palpable memory of their last proper encounter and why, but it is a frostiness that Carlos is doing his best to dispel with a small smile.]

It might be better for our future cohabiting happiness and the ease of the atmosphere within this house that we share, if we start over again as if we had never met before.
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No. You did not kill my boyfriend, you did not kill him and you left him maimed with his throat cut open and his most precious possession cut away. You did not kill him even knowing he had to die, and you left him for me to kill. Those are things that no rug or carpet could conceal, those are things which cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

[Does Wade sense a but in the air? There is a but in the air.]

But... But these are things of the past, they are things which we will remember and allow to colour our decisions of the future, but they are not our future. We have the ability to make a shared future, we will make one whether we want to or not by the close proximity of our living quarters. I would prefer that future, which we are forced to cohabit within, to be a pleasant one.
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It already is in the past. It exists there as a joint memory, as a shared experience of emotions, actions, and reactions that we cannot change. It is in the past, it is not of the present and I hope it is not of the future. Whether I can or cannot be okay with that is irrelevant as a factor.
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What you and I want may be irrelevant. It may be relevant now, and we may have the control to enact an avoidance technique, but it may be that we do not have that control for long. We cannot see the future, and in this unpredictable place, it is possible that any number of things may happen which force us into close quarters or with a necessity to rely on one another for survival. I would rather take the chance to, ah, bury the hatchet before such an experience is forced upon us.

Live and let live, or turning the other cheek, or forgiveness being the path to happiness are all usually religious phrases or the bedrock of an emotional pathway. But scientifically speaking, people who do let go of feelings of revenge and hatred are more likely, taking an average percentage into account, to be happier and more adjusted.
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I am a scientist.

[He looks almost indignant. How could Deadpool even question his ability to live his life via logic and science, that is the core part of who he is. It is the core part of every scientist, of every science minded individual.

Indignation, aside from seeping into his expression like a shadow oozing out of a mysterious and ominous alleyway, finally gives him some brevity.]
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I never said that I could turn off my feelings, that would be a scientific impossibility. I am a human being, and as such I am subject to the many hormonal, physical, and emotional strengths and weaknesses of my species. Unlike many robotic creations, whose function can be controlled via switches and buttons, humans do not have the capacity to do that. What I do have the capacity for, as a scientist with a mind that can deal in fact and logic, is the ability to process my emotions and choose not to act on them for the benefit of my perceived future goals.

[His voice is rising too, it is gaining volume in the same way that an avalanche gains momentum, crashing down around him with both anger and eagerness to be understood.]
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Why would I not?

[It's a remarkably brief reply considering how much he usually talks. He is interested in the reply, interested in the same way that a mosquito is interested in a mysterious shining blue light hanging over a doorway.]
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Does it cause you those problems to see me? Does it make your stomach contract and bile flood your throat with the threat of vomit? Is that why you do not wish to continue with this attempt at reconciliation?

[He doesn't feel like that. He does not like Wade, but it is a slow burn of dislike, it is an itch between his shoulder blades. It is the simmering resentment of an old lady who does not want to be old and who impotently rages against uncaring time.]
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[He is not a mind reader, he cannot see the memories and images which bring with them the twist of guilt that Wade is now associating with him. He only has half the story, perhaps not even half, and it is not a story that he understands. It's a story written in an ancient language of another world, telling tales of deeds and people he cannot imagine.

His brow furrows. There is concern and confusion, mostly confusion, written plain across his face when Wade stands up.]

Perhaps then you are right, perhaps we should endeavour to spend as little time in company with one another as possible. I don't want to be responsible for any feeling that accompanies eating sushi that is no longer fit for human consumption.
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Obviously the answer is yes.

[His tone says he thinks that's sort of a stupid question, but he's just polite enough to only verbalise it in an entirely non verbal way.]

If it were not okay with me, if it were not the intended outcome of this discussion, then I would not have suggested it at all.
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I think if we are trying to get along, to become more than acquaintances who awkwardly pass in the hallways of our home that is legally too small to house twelve people, then we should get to know each other.

[That's usually how it's done, how chatting for personal reasons goes.]
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[He considers for a moment. Questions of childhood and memories, of anecdotes and amusing stories, all seem too intimate for their particular current relationship. He casts his mind about for a safer topic, for an interesting topic, for a topic that probably won't offend.]

Why don't you tell me about your suit? It is not a style or fashion that I have seen many times before, the tight fitting material that leaves nothing about your physical stature or endowments to the imagination is a bold choice.
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People like you? When you say people like you, what do you mean? Speaking on the level of science, and assuming you are a member of the species homo sapiens, then we are all people like you. We are all people like one another, on our basic genetic level, except when we are not people at all. Or perhaps you mean people like you in a professional sense, in the strict terms of a job description, which would make your outfit a strange and oddly revealing uniform. Though there are jobs that require revealing uniforms, some that are even tighter fitting and leaving less to the imagination than yours. Jobs like strippers and pole dancer and railway station attendants.

[He is interested in this world where everyone seems to wear one type of clothing as standard, where there is no individuality in dress and conforming means donning an outfit which would not be kind to people who were not as in shape as Wade.]

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