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Player Information
Name: Kaiya
Age: 32
Contact: [ profile] pillowtalkative
Current characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Wade Wilson
Series: Deadpool (Marvel 616)
Appearance: "If you looked like Ryan Reynolds crossed with a Shar-Pei, you'd understand!"
Age: (headcanon) physically 33, chronologically 58
Canon Point: After the events of Cable & Deadpool
Transferring From: [community profile] havenrpg, [community profile] sol_raveh
Canon History: "Rescuing puppy dogs, groping hot manga chicks and saving the world."
Canon Personality: Being criminally insane in the membrane does give you some interesting personality quirks. There's a reason one of Deadpool's monikers is “Merc With a Mouth”-- he seems to be physically unable to shut the hell up. A master of rhetoric, he's quick to sling taunts and witty comebacks, even at the risk of his own safety. In canon, he had a devil-may-care attitude about the world around him, and seemed to have little regard for anything except for where his next payment was coming from. Because of this, he had very few friends, and even thought of friendship as a “completely bogus concept”.

Despite his bravado, however, there is compassion and kindness in that black little heart of his, and it's only gotten more prevalent in recent events. Although he's not ashamed of his career as a mercenary, and money is a very important aspect of his life, deep down in his heart of hearts he dreams of being a true hero; of being respected and adored much like Captain America, Thor, and the rest of his childhood idols. His vocal disdain for friendship hides a deeply flawed and lonely man, one who is desperate for love and recognition the way a victim of starvation is desperate for sustenance. He’s fiercely loyal to the few friends he does have, and even though he might occasionally be cold toward them or threaten them with severe bodily harm, he can be very protective of them in his own way. He’s also very intolerant of anyone who would prey on children-- from an assassin’s standpoint, they’re totally off-limits, to the point where he has resigned from several missions without getting paid as a result of a child getting caught in the crossfire.

Unfortunately, all is not fun and games with the Merc with a Mouth-- there are some very dark aspects of his personality, as well. Despite being able to hide his feelings under a veneer of snark and witticisms for the most part, Wade is a very hot and cold individual; a man of many intense emotions. When he's happy, he's ecstatic. When he's sad, he's desolate. And when he's angry, he's dangerous. Quite a few individuals have borne witness to him when he's in a rage, and some unlucky people have borne the brunt of it. While he usually solves problems with violence, angering him can cause him to get downright sadistic with his punishments. Sometimes it's for the benefit of mankind, and sometimes it isn't, but when the jokes stop and Wade actually gets serious, it's always terrifying.

There's also the matter of his low self-esteem. To say that Wade has a low opinion of himself would be like saying that the ocean is a little heavy on the salt. No matter what disparaging words anyone says to him, whatever cutting remark they have at his expense, no one is as hard on Wade as Wade is on himself. His self-loathing is so potent that a part of him actually accepts his hideous new appearance, and although he may joke that nowadays his outside matches his inside, there's a dark part of him that actually believes it. It's for this reason that he's so easily manipulated by people promising him love and affection, as he's so starved for simple human kindness that he'll greedily lap up any attention that is given to him. It's also the reason why he doesn't take criticism well, and is most assuredly the reason why he grows considerably insecure-- and in worst case scenarios, absolutely enraged-- when strangers see him without his mask. It's almost like a validation of everything he believes is rotten and evil in himself, and it reinforces the belief that he is unworthy of love of any kind.

This self-loathing, coupled with being possessed of a powerful healing factor, has unfortunately given way to extreme recklessness. The inevitable drawback of having a healing factor is that you tend to take things for granted-- specifically, your health. Nowadays, Wade would barely bat an eye over cutting his hand off to escape handcuffs, or plunging from a tall skyscraper to the streets below, or acting as a metaphorical “canary in the coalmine”; with deadly poisons. The knowledge that virtually nothing can kill him has emboldened him to take risks that even the strongest human would blanch at, but the truth is far more dire than that. Wade is actually borderline suicidal, and the numerous scrapes he gets into are secretly a challenge to see if anything can kill him for good. So far, nothing has stepped up to the plate, and as he grows older and his body remains in the shape it was when he got his healing factor, immortality's looking like a very real thing, and Wade is not happy about it in the least.

This unfortunately also extends to his external actions as well, as he's much more likely to go rushing in to blow something up than he is to sit and listen to even the simplest of plans. A lot of this is caused by his desperate need for approval; to be looked upon as a hero, and unfortunately, Wade hasn't exactly learned that being a hero doesn't mean you actively go looking for trouble. This has inevitably caused problems for a great many people as well as himself, and most of his heroic acts in canon are really cleaning up a mess he himself has made, which obviously means he gets no recognition for it.

Deadpool's insanity has made him strangely self-aware-- he understands to an extent that he's a fictional character and has a rather annoying penchant for breaking the fourth wall, which most of his comrades have learned to ignore or chalk it up to yet another example of his crazy. His insanity has oftentimes been more of a hinder than a help, but it's also gotten him out of a great many tough scrapes due to his potential to be totally unpredictable, and if there's one thing he's gotten very good at, it's flying by the seat of his pants.

Personality Shifts: Most people would have been terrified at the thought of being abducted from their home while they slept and waking up to an unfamiliar and hostile world. Most people would have quickly succumbed to despair at the thought of being trapped in a desolate city, unable to see their family or loved ones again. Most people would've quickly gone insane by the horrors that this Lovecraftian world saw fit to unleash upon them month after month, as regular as infernal clockwork.

Most people weren't already insane like Deadpool was.

When he'd first gotten over his initial shock of being torn from his bed and thrust into what seemed like a completely isolated city, Wade's thoughts on Haven weren't ones of fear or desolation or even despair. While the concept of being in a creepy ghost town and having only enough food to keep you on the right side of starving was worrisome, Wade more or less began to think of Haven as a way of starting over. No one who had unwillingly made the journey along with him seemed to know or care about who he was and where he came from, and it was strange-- and eventually intoxicating-- to know that for as long as he was in this world, he had a clean slate, to brighten or sully his reputation as he saw fit.

A month or so later, he got his chance. One of the natives of Haven, a no-nonsense, short-tempered alcoholic by the name of Jonas, stormed the apartments while the new denizens were sleeping, shouting that “they” had taken his nine-year-old sister Jessica, who had taken pity on the captives of Haven and had made her way into the city with provisions for them. Because of his fondness for children and the fact that he had frightened her away when they had first met, Wade felt ultimately responsible for what had happened to her, and when a rescue party was formed to storm the eastern hospital to try and get her back, Wade eagerly signed up for it. With the help of Alphonse Elric, Wade managed to find the young girl strapped to a laboratory table and in the process of being experimented on. They managed to escape with Jessica alive and in tow, and although Wade wasn't aware of it at the time, that single act of heroism would color his experience in Haven for the rest of his stay. (It also would forge an unbreakable bond with him, Al, and Jessica, who called both of them her heroes.)

There was no drastic overnight change from anti-hero to hero. Wade still had a long way to go, and he still backslid into his old selfish routines time and time again-- abandoning Al once in his time of need in a fit of pique, being sullen and childish to another dear friend of his, Abel Nightroad, when the latter had been absent with his own issues for some time; threatening the entirety of Haven in a Suicide by Cop ploy after Haven's influences had left him overcome with misery. He transgressed time and time again, and each time he was forgiven; or if not immediately forgiven, challenged to be better than he had been. He came to truly understand the guilt that tore at a person's insides when a friend was disappointed in him, the warm, fuzzy feeling of pride when he did something completely altruistic; even the completely unselfish feeling of love and devotion. For the first time in a long time, Wade had actual, genuine friends-- friends who actually cared about whether he lived or died, and eventually he became determined to ensure that these new friends never had reason to lose their faith in him. What resulted was someone who wasn't completely a hero just yet, but definitely no longer an anti-hero in the purest sense of the word.

Unfortunately, living in such horrifying conditions takes its toll on you after a while, and Wade found his psyche increasingly rattled by the traumatizing experiences he was being put through month after month. Though he attempted to put a humorous face on it as he always had, as the second anniversary of his time in Haven approached, he began to give in to the despair that he and his fellow captives would never get out. It was only the presence of his friends that kept him from completely succumbing to hopelessness, but his circle of trusted allies was dwindling. The loss of Al and Abel was a devastating blow, as was the disappearance of Clementine and Jessica, whom he had begun to see as his unofficial daughters in this wretched place. He was losing his sense of humor, and desired evermore to rid himself of the suffering of living. When one of his last friends, Jesse, also met the same fate as the others, Wade decided to end his life in the only way he knew how-- going out in an epic last stand against Pyramid Head, who had taken up residence near the mysterious convenience store on the outskirts of town.

He got better.

After losing the battle against the helmeted juggernaut, Wade awoke to find himself not in the welcoming skeletal arms of his Lady Death, but in a large and opulent castle. Sol Raveh was, after a fashion, a sort of “home away from home away from home” for Wade. Living in the deplorable conditions of Haven had wreaked havoc on the mercenary’s mental and physical state-- after three years, Wade had lost at least a hundred pounds, and the mental scarring from his horrific stint in Haven were still very present, culminating in night terrors, binge-eating and an overall twitchier demeanor. And then Sans the skeleton got him to laugh for the first time in years. Sans was the first one to approach the emaciated, armed-to-the-teeth mercenary, and the skeleton’s love of puns as well as his similar ways of deflecting bad situations with humor immediately won Wade over, and lifted him from a dark and dangerous place into something approaching a little bit more stable. To say that Wade clung to Sans after all he’d been through and all that he lost would be an understatement-- after a while it was very rare to see one without the other. He also came into possession of a Cubone, whom he named Tibia, and began looking at her as sort of like a daughter-figure after realizing that she was mourning the loss of her mother. With the added friendships of types like Sans’s optimistic brother Papyrus, the prickly and kind sorcerer Rin, and the two children Frisk and Chara, Wade was finding himself once more in a supportive circle of friends, and that in turn brought his mental state back to being a bit more healthy-- still suffering from the effects of Haven to a certain extent, but definitely much healthier than he had been when he’d arrived.

Regeneration - Deadpool is in possession of an enhanced healing factor, implanted into him genetically as a result of experiments done on him by the Weapon X program. As a result he can withstand any sort of wound or trauma without dying. Amputated limbs can be grown back, but it takes some time and is rather painful, so he usually opts to reattach the limb that was cut off if it's still intact. Brain damage also takes time to heal based on the severity, and generally tends to leave him unconscious for half an hour or more. The only thing that can completely stop him is decapitation, but it still won't kill him-- it'll merely put him his body into a vegetative state until his head is found and reattached.

Telepathic immunity - Because of his brain cells being in a constant state of death and rebirth, he is virtually immune to any sort of forced telepathy or mind control, making his brain a”dead zone” for psychics who wish to converse without having other psychics eavesdrop on them. While there are definitely exceptions to the rule (mostly due to whether or not he allows someone inside his head), his own mind is virtually unable to be read beyond snatches of surface thoughts, and anyone who's tried in the past has suffered from migraines, burnout, or-- worst case scenario-- complete brain death.

Immunity to poisons - Wade is impervious to all but the most potent of poisons. Alcohol and tranquilizers seem to have very little effect on him now-- it takes a good amount of effort for him to get drunk or drugged, and he very rarely feels any negative after-effects. That being said, that only applies to mundane substances, but even if he's given a drug that could potentially kill him, he won't die from it-- he'll merely be knocked unconscious for a duration of time until his healing factor can flush the poison out of his system.

Immortality (?) - His accelerated healing factor has increased his lifespan beyond that of a normal human, but to what extent is as yet unknown to him. As of right now, he's about fifty, and yet still has the appearance and biological structure of a man in his early-to-mid thirties-- due to the cancer causing the cells within his body to keep dividing, it's essentially stopped him from aging as well.

Weapon and fighting skills - Wade is a master of many martial arts as well as being an accomplished marksman and swordsman. Because of his brain cells being constantly in flux (and thus rendering him able to learn and retain information as quickly as a child would), Wade knows practically everything there is to know about fighting with conventional weapons and fighting styles... and is knowledgeable (and crazy) enough to improvise in unconventional ways as well. He's also skilled in the art of parkour.

Polyglot - Knows thirteen languages (he's been seen to speak Russian, German, Spanish, and Japanese in canon, although he appears to be able to speak more and more languages as the plot demands).

Poisonous blood - More of a side effect of his cancer fueled healing factor than an actual ability, Wade's blood and flesh has proven to be extremely distasteful to vampires and zombies (being described as tasting like rancid tofurkey seasoned with formaldehyde) and has the added effect of making them violently ill.

Teleporter - A teleportation device built into his belt, that allows him to transport himself and anyone he touches to any area he's already been with a single trigger phrase. The technology is limited, however, in that it only responds to Wade's own voice (he's learned his lesson over the years) and it can't transport him to any place in which he hasn't already visited on foot, much like the fast travel mechanics of sandbox video games.

Holographic projector watch - A watch that, along with telling him the time, allows him to take the form of any person-- living, dead, or completely fabricated. The watch also projects different types of clothing, as well.

Beam katanas - Because the word “lightsabers” was copyrighted by some rich neckbeard. These powerful energy blades were bequeathed to him by Travis Touchdown, a fellow captive of Haven and one of Wade's closest friends. They can cut through any material, but have to be recharged in a rather... embarrassing way if the batteries go dead. They also don't cauterize when they cut. Expect tons of blood splatter.

Adamantium-bladed katanas - Exactly what it says on the tin, with one particular katana being quite special. Once a simple surgical knife pilfered from a hospital, this katana was changed into the impressive weapon it is now through transmutation, an alchemical practice performed by Alphonse Elric. Wade no longer uses this sword out of respect, yet keeps it around as a reminder of his fallen young friend.

Guns - Two automatic pistols, one that he's customized himself and taken care of over the years. He calls her Carlotta.

Knife - One bowie knife. The bowie knife, strangely enough, has a blade as black as obsidian and just as sharp.

Ammunition - Just your standard handgun bullets.

Spandex outfit - The standard red and black spandex suit that has become Wade's trademark. This one in particular has been imbued with a special cloth and thread that regenerates along with its owner.

Tibia: Do Pokemon count as items? A quirky young Cubone that Wade adopted during his time in Sol Raveh. Tibia comes with her own Pokeball.


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