Feb. 1st, 2017

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Canon Memories:

1. He will remember that he worked in a lucrative career that involved combat and weapons training, but not the specifics of that career. Such skills are so embedded in his psyche and muscle memory that he will be able to perform them without even thinking, but the hows and the whys of this knowledge will be lost to him. A mercenary without knowledge of his own skills is like a tiger without claws, after all, and damn if he's gonna let some asshole with a medical degree poke and prod him without fighting back.

2. He will remember that he used to know a man named Nathan "Cable" Summers, and how that man was a strong influence on his life, but again, he will not remember the extent of the man’s influence, the details of their relationship, or even if Cable is alive or dead. This will ensure that he'll at least give the thought of killing some consideration, out of respect for Cable, before he goes ahead and does it. This ain't Classic Deadpool.

3. He will remember that he is terrified of hospitals of any kind, but not the reason for this fear. He will be completely unaware that he has both cancer and a healing factor, and thus will have no knowledge that he is disfigured until he sees a reflection of himself.

4. He will remember that mutants and other people with superpowers were a regular occurrence for him, and so he will not be overly startled if he sees someone flying through the air or activating their laser eyes or unsheathing their adamantium claws.

5. He will remember that he absolutely idolizes Captain America and Thor, and as such will recognize them and probably make a total ass of himself if he ever sees them. Ever wanted to see a fully-grown man regress to a teenage girl upon seeing his heroes? You're welcome.


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